One of the real problems with changing health habits is a person’s support system. You don’t want to tell anyone that you want to lose weight – it’s embarrassing. You want to eat the way you use to be able to eat when you were younger – it’s not fair. You don’t want to eat different than everyone else – it’s isolating. I get it!
You need at least one person to help you. Someone to at least check in with. It doesn’t have to be daily, it can be weekly. You have to get the support needed to make the necessary changes so that you can be happy in your body and healthy with your choices. It isn’t easy and having friends who get together for happy hour or kids who munch on popular snack foods or a work space that keeps pastries out all day or your partner who can eat whatever they want – it’s overwhelming and how the hell do you do  it all by yourself?
I have had this idea to start a Fitness Journal Club. It’s $100 a month. You physically meet with me once a week for a brief check-in with your Fitness Journal. Each week we can discuss what is working for you and what isn’t. We can talk about foods that are better choices for your body and lifestyle. Together we can come up with a simple weekly plan for food prep and movement choices. You will get unlimited support via text or email. I am here for you and we won’t stop until you are happy in your body and healthy with your choices.
No need to be embarrassed or feel it’s not fair or isolated from social fun – you have a goal to be happier and healthier, not a damn thing wrong with that and I support you. Trust me, as people witness you making the strong changes – you will inspire others to be happier and healthier!
(Here is an actual Fitness Journal from a client. I am infamous for my red sharpie.)

be happy in your body and healthy with your choices

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