Its tax season and I am going to get hit hard.  My business rent went up.  I am now paying more for health insurance.  I have unpaid legal bills and my house hasn’t sold.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and not exactly sure how much more I can give.  I get to the gas station and a family asks me if I have some change for them to put gas in their car.  For some reason that morning my immediate reaction is “No” and then I am disgusted with myself, walk over and give the family a few dollars.  I get to work and open up my emails to read an email request to donate personal training sessions.  I stop. I think.  I should give so I reply, “Yes”.  My afternoon client reschedules which turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  My friend calls me up and asks if I want to participate in a spin class for charity, “Pedal the Cause”.  She tells me the cost and it is more than I think I should spend right now.  I say, “Maybe”.  I have an hour to make up my mind.  I decide to go, get to the class, pay the price, grab my freebies and jump onto a bike.  The class was held outside and it was a gorgeous day.  There were over 30 participants and everyone was excited to be there.  It wasn’t like a normal group exercise class where people feel like they should exercise or should sweat.  These people wanted to give.  Some had already hit up the free beer stand.  Others had repositioned their bikes so they could hold hands.  Throughout the class I got to hear stories of cancer – living with it, beating it and losing from it.  I know at one time my face was wet with a mixture of sweat and tears.  One guest instructor repeated the words, “Because we can, because we can, because we can!”

Sometimes we need to hear we can.  We can do more.  We can love more.  We can give more.  Because we can!

That day turned out to be a beautiful day.  I woke up thinking that I had nothing left to give and went to bed knowing that I can always give more.

How can you give more?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Trainer 31

Can You Give More?

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