Hold It
A client said to me yesterday, “I wish I could hold a plank for a minute. I just don’t have the strength in my arms and the endurance to do it.” I asked her to do a plank so I could see her form and we could find out just how long she could hold it. She looked super strong. She held it for almost 20 seconds before gasping for air, dropping her knees to the ground and saying, “See – just can’t do it!”
I told her that she could do it. Her form was excellent her focus was the issue.
Here are the tips I suggested to her:
BREATHE – make each inhale 5 seconds and each exhale 5 seconds, totaling 10 seconds
FOCUS - on the rest of the body. Push feet into the floor. Flex thighs. Squeeze glutes. Pull stomach. Widen back.
ASSIGN – each body part a breath and pick six areas. I suggested to the client that she do a full round of breath for right leg 10 seconds, left leg 10 seconds and so on.
There you have it! After I told her those suggestions she went back into a plank. I talked her through the breathing and navigated her thoughts to different body parts. To no surprise – she held plank for ONE MINUTE!
Give this a try and let me know how you do!

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