come and get it

One thing I have missed through all of the pandemic is physically touching people. Does that sound creepy? I am not a serial hugger kind of touchy-feely person. I am more of a “reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, if you can” (Diana Ross).


At coffee house, barista stocking the deli case was limping and leaning while carrying a box. I placed my hand on his back and asked, “Can I help you – you look like you are in pain?”

At grocery store, the cashier ringing up my items looked extremely sad. I placed my hand on her hand and asked, “Are you okay?”

At LisaFit, there isn’t one client that goes untouched. I physically assist in stretches. I place my hands on misaligned limbs. I rub essential oils on tired temples. I used China Gel on achy muscles.

I am glad that people are starting to feel safer and more comfortable. Eventually we will get to touch each other without fear or concerns. Until then – grab some China Gel and do some self-touch. I know that sounds creepy. Or better yet – offer touch to someone in your safe space.

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