Many times in a session I will ask the client, “Do you feel it?”  And more often than expected I hear, “No I don’t.” I am always surprised to find out that clients will go through the motion and feel nothing.  I am shocked when they don’t tell me.  What is the purpose of working out if you don’t feel it?  What’s the purpose of anything if you aren’t feeling something?

There are some clients that won’t say anything to me in which I have to keep asking, “Do you feel it?”  I even quiz them, “Where do you feel it?”  There are a few clients that will tell me if they aren’t feeling the exercise.  My rule is, if you aren’t feeling it in the first few seconds or repetitions then something isn’t working properly.  There are those clients that will feel it and stop because they don’t want to feel anything at all.  These clients are the toughest.  They don’t want to experience feeling.  They connect feeling something with something wrong therefore they stop.  I see this as, “Feeling something doesn’t give you permission to stop, it gives you the chance to grow!”

I understand it is scary especially if you have been injured in the past.  I know you don’t want to feel “pain” or anything like that.  I am not guaranteeing that you won’t get hurt.  I am promising that if you can put aside your fears, detach feeling pain with fleeing or stopping and attach it to learning and living – then you will come out a stronger person.

The next time you are working out and you get to the point where your really feeling it in your muscles, remember this: you either stop and stay the same or you work through it and grow stronger.

Do you feel it?

Do You Feel It?

Do You Feel It?

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