People tell me all the time that they don’t feel like they got a good workout unless they are dripping in sweat and super sore the next day. In order to get to that point without any problems arising, you need to be well fueled, plenty hydrated, have food ready to eat within 30 minutes after your workout, have postural symmetry, muscular balance, healthy joints, no prior injuries and the entire next day be able to lay around like a sloth. Does that sound like you? If not then you don’t need to be sweaty and sore to have a good workout.

If that was my goal as a “personal” trainer to get you super sweaty and sore then I would tell everyone to do 100 jump squats, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, non stop and 1 rep/1 second timing. I promise you will be a sweaty pig and sloth sore the next day but the key word is “personal”. My workouts are designed for you. I take into consideration your life, your past-present-future. We all have injuries from our past. We all have to function at work, home, kids, pets, etc. We all want to stay active for a long long time. When you train with me, all of those are part of your fitness plan to help you reach your goal.

Each person should get that “personal” attention. I have to get to know your body. I have to understand your lifestyle. I don’t do the same workout from person to person. When you walk into my studio, the goal is to give you a good workout catered for you. If you get sweaty and sore, then that is just a by product not the definition or the purpose.

Do you get super sweaty and sore?

Do You Get Super Sweaty And Sore?

Do You Get Super Sweaty And Sore?

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