It is Super Bowl Sunday!

One of my least favorite days of the year. This is when more people sit on their butts and eat food while watching tv. The irony is that you are sedentary while others are working their asses off. The kicker is that you are stuffing your bellies while the people you are watching have been fueling their bodies. How about this year you try something different?

As I am writing this post it is 7:30AM PST.
You have EIGHT hours until the game starts.

My challenge to you, is that you EARN the right to sit, eat, drink.
My advice is that you jumpstart your metabolism now by moving your body.
My suggestion is that you chug as much water before you start the beer / cocktail drinking.

My goal is that you earn the right to watch the Super Bowl.
You have the time. Go out there, get it done and earn it. I promise sitting down to watch the game will be a better experience once you have earned it!

earn it

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