eat rice

Eat Rice – Train Hard!

I often hear people feeling bad for “cheating” on their diet or gaining a few pounds. Well, I am here to tell you to stop that!

Use your extra calories to train harder.

If you indulge a bit over the weekend or decide to eat dessert after dinner, use all of those calories to workout longer and harder. It takes fuel to move your body, extra fuel means extra movement!
Use your extra pounds to lift heavier.

It takes weight to move weight. Any extra weight you have, use it to push more, lift more, pull more. You got it so you might as well use it!

Stop being down on yourself and start using what you have. See your extra calories or extra pounds as a positive instead of a negative.

The other day I ate the entire serving of rice that comes with curry.  I know – viscous CARBS. I can hear all you, paleo, keto, atkins people gasping with disapproval. It doesn’t matter what you say or think, that day I felt so strong in the gym. I did eleven sets of leg presses with pushups in-between each set. I had the extra calories in me and boy did I use them!

How different would your health and happiness journey be if you looked at all your actions as valuable and purposeful?

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