I ask clients all the time –
“What do you feel?”
“Where do you feel it?”
“How do you feel today?”

I get an array of answers which is totally fine. The only answer I WILL NOT accept is, “I don’t feel anything.” WTF?!?

If you do something and feel nothing, what are you doing?

Move your body and feel everything. Connect to every fiber of your being and FEEL. Extend your body like you are reaching to grab something you desire. Contract your body like you are holding onto something dear to your heart. Breathe in as if it could cure all your ailments. Breathe out as if you are releasing every toxic particle in your soul.

If you experience anything and not feel everything, what are you doing?
I give you the latest “Feel Everything” music. Every time I listen to this album, I feel something different. Each song elicits a different response in me. It is an incredible experience to allow yourself to feel everything. I have done a run to “Una Mattina” (one morning) and felt so light. I have done a crazy hard work out to “A Fuoco” (on fire) and felt invincible. I cooked a delicious meal to “Resta Con Me” (stay with me) and felt so content. I gardened to “Ora” (now) and felt at peace.

How would your life be if you allowed yourself to feel everything?
Your turn – Feel Everything!

feel everything

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