At the gym yesterday I experienced back pain on my first set of hamstring (back side of upper thigh) curls.  It was so frustrating.  At that point I could have kept going and trained through the back pain or I could have stopped doing that exercise.  Those are the two options that most people often do, fight or flight.  Do you stay
or leave?

Let’s say you fight, you stay – what course of action do you take?  Why would you stay and put up with the pain, fight through the pain, settle for living with pain?  Could you perhaps stay but alter yourself so that you don’t get hurt?  Could you protect yourself and perhaps heal yourself while maintaining the “fight”?

Or are you the type of person to take flight, to stop, to leave when you get hurt?  A lot of people will just walk away.  They are too afraid to hurt more.  Their past experiences of pain have scared them.  But do you walk away understanding what you are truly scared of?  Do you take the time to figure out why you keep putting yourself in situations that hurt you?

That workout, I changed the angle of my foot thinking I could slightly alter the exercise.  I focused on really contracting surrounding muscles hoping to support the weak area.  I stretched between sets to check in with my body to see if I could feel the pain getting better or worse.  I altered, found support and checked in with myself to make sure I didn’t feel pain.

We all experience pain.  We all make the choice to fight or flight.  It’s the way we exist during and after that differ us.  Can we learn from pain, regardless if we stay or leave?  Can you alter yourself?  Can you find support?  Can you check in to make sure you aren’t feeling pain?

Fight or Flight?

No Excuses LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer

Fight Or Flight?

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