What doesn’t effect your hip flexors?  Almost everything that we do tightens this area but what stretches them?  We sit, walk, run and those of us that are into the gym – we lunge, stair climb and squat.  A lot of hip pain, back pain or knee pain can be alleviated with stretching the hip flexors.  The hip flexors are located deep lower abdomen, across the hip bone to the thigh.

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Got Hip Flexors?

Here is a good twist on the traditional hip flexor stretch.  Instead of kneeling on the floor, stand up and use an exercise ball for the back leg.  This allows the knee to drop lower than if you were placing it on the ground and alleviates any pressure on that knee. The front leg has to stay active in balancing which will work your foot muscles and muscles in the legs that stabilize.  Make sure you press down into the exercise ball with your back foot to get the entire length of your front thigh. If you decide to take this stretch a little deeper, you can place your hands on the ground and move your front foot out to the side and straighten the back leg.  Push the extended leg – hip down towards the floor.  Now you have really gotten into those Hip Flexors.

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