Here are the first of my 2021 spring roses. Last year in one of my newsletters I told you the full rose story. It was pretty cool. Here is the short version:

Sprouts was handing out free dying baby rose bushes.
Sign-It, had a dead plant in a big pot and I asked, “Can I have this?”
The roses out-grew the big pot.
I see a wine barrel on someone’s yard, put a note on it, asking if they want it. The next day a person drives the wine barrel to my studio.
The roses are now in a giant wine barrel.

I know nothing about roses. With the help of Walter Anderson, clients who garden and the internet – I have done my best. I have repotted it. I have fertilized it. I have pruned it. I have done everything in my power to keep these roses. So, to see these two blossoms, it brought tears to my eyes.

Have you ever worked so hard for something that you had no clue how to do?
Have you ever watched something so closely without knowing what you are looking at?
Have you ever waited for something not knowing if it was going to happen?
Have you ever wanted to give up but stayed with it because of hope?

This was and is my rose experience. Sometimes the best outcomes come from experiences where we put forth effort while being in a space of uncertainty.

In honor of Earth Day – I give you my two roses representing, your trash is my treasure!
Restore the Earth

happy earth day

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