Happy Friday the 13th!

Someone is not healthy or happy today.
I haven’t been consistent in posting for the past two weeks. I keep thinking, “I want to post something interesting.” Well if this isn’t interesting then I don’t know what is.
7AM, Friday 13th:
Eight police cars, several officers, two detectives and one criminal. Not sure what the crime was but I am pretty sure someone is not healthy or happy today.
This is the fourth police gathering at my studio in the ten years I have been here.
1st - Dispensary broken into
2nd - Murder at corner apartments
3rd - Homeless on top of building
4th -Today
It is never a dull moment at LisaFit! Happy Friday the 13th - today was enough exciting juju to get me back to posting! Can’t promise my posts will be as interesting as this morning 🙂
Happy Friday 13th

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