Happy Holidays 2020

I heard on the news that in March 2020 once people went into lockdown meditation apps and pet adoptions skyrocketed. I love that! The crisis called for more peace and love. People were reacting to life by learning how to self soothe, find inner peace and extend themselves to care for another living being.

Recently I heard on the news that December 2020 after almost ten months of “this”, name it what you want - people are downloading more porn and joining more dating websites. At first I chuckled because it is just plain funny but then I thought about it more and it just made me sad.

We went from inner peace and love to sexual pleasure and loneliness. One could argue that after so much zen time and pooch playtime we felt complete and wanted more but we all know that is a crock of s@#t. What happened?

We are social beings. We need to be close to others. We want intimacy with another person. We desire connection. We must have interaction.
All joking aside, it has been a tough year so for the holidays please do the following:

Reach out to someone who lives alone.
Call a family member.
Leave a kind note on a neighbors doorstep.
Smile at the driver next to you on the road.
Write a letter to a friend.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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