Here is a conversation with a client of mine I had the other day.
Client says, “You know the strangest thing happened the other day – you probably won’t think it is strange but I did.”
I say “Ooooo-kaaay…do tell.”
Client says, “You know i have to take my blood pressure all the time now because it is so high and the doctor’s want me to keep it in check, right? Well the other day I came home from work and took my pressure. It was pretty high so I did what you told me to do. I laid down and put one hand on my stomach and one hand on my chest and practiced those deep breaths. I thought I would do that before taking more medication.”
I say, “The diaphragmatic breaths? Those are great for calming someone down. Were you stressed?”
Client says, “Ahhh…it’s work and there is always stress. So anyway I laid there for a good ten minutes just trying to breath deep and BOY that is really hard! Do you know what happened when I took my blood pressure again?! You probably know.”
I say, “You felt better and your BP was down?”
Client says, “I know – isn’t it crazy!?! I mean it doesn’t make sense.”
I say, “Don’t underestimate the power of breath.”
Sometimes we forget that we have the power to help ourselves. We are so quick to take medication and let drugs have all the power. We are so quick to get cut into and allow doctors to have all the power. We are so quick to look elsewhere for the answer when sometimes all along we have the answer, the cure, the power to do it ourselves. Can it be as easy as breathing?


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