In a world where people can stay “busy” all the time with electronics, practicing stillness is more important than ever.
Sleeping, Watching TV, Sitting at Computer, Driving - do not count as stillness.

I am talking pure stillness. Where the body AND the mind are still, that means no movement whatsoever.

The obvious is that the body needs to be still so sit or lay somewhere comfortable and do not move, fidget or reposition.

Make sure the eyes are closed or place something over your eyes to eliminate you seeing movement or blinking the eyelids.

Keep all sounds turned off because sound is a wave that vibrates through the ear, causing movement.

Breathe in and out through your nose to slow down the movement of air flow in and out of your body. This is essentially the ONLY movement you will experience during stillness.

Last but by far the most challenging, still the mind, quiet the mind. Try doing the first four and don’t worry about the mind. If you lay still, eyes closed, no noise and just breath – things will start to slow down for you and the mind will eventually follow until it too is still.

Stillness is a practice that has to be cultivated. Start small, do a minute of stillness when you wake up and a minute of stillness before you go to bed then increase your time if you want and or feel more comfortable with the practice.

Practice stillness daily, I promise you will be feeling healthier and happier.

how do you practive stillness

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