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“I received the LisaFit daily journal as a gift. I have tried journaling 80,000 times in my life and I start for a day or two and that’s about as long as it lasts. Lisa’s journal is so different. Not only does it keep you accountable for what you’re eating every day but it also checks in with how you’re feeling and if you’re in any pain and how much screen time you are engaging in each day among many other things. I actually looked forward to filling it out every day which is never happened to me before! It was very interesting to see the things I did and the correlation with my mood and pain and how everything tied together! It’s not just about what you’re eating but it’s about exercise and meditation and checking in with yourself and taking a moment to really listen to your body and how it’s feeling. Throughout the journal she gives very helpful hints and excellent advice on wellness which anybody could implement into their daily life. This journal has been a game changer for me and I plan on continuing after my 30 days.”

JF, healthcare professional

how many times have you tried

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