LisaFit Training 35

Is LisaFIT For You?

Ask any of my clients and they will tell you that they have a love hate relationship with me.  They love the way they feel when they walk out of my studio but they hate the way they feel when they are in my studio.  My motto is, “You can do comfortable and easy on your own.  In the studio you will be uncomfortable and everything will be difficult, that is my job.”  I get it – no one likes to feel uncomfortable or to endure sixty minutes of difficulty.  So another part of my job is to get the client to utilize their breath to soothe themselves during an uncomfortable situation.  I also get the client to understand what they are feeling in their muscles is a good thing.  Instead of associating the feeling as “pain” acknowledge it as “change”.   Lastly, I work on having the client realize that they are not alone in experiencing difficulties.  It is an integral part of making a difference in their body and ultimately in their life.

Anyone who wants more from their life has to go through this.  “We don’t get what we want, we get what we work for.”  So is LisaFIT for you?  If so, don’t just stand outside my studio, walk on in and let’s go for it!”

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