Is This Right?

Not all virtual workouts are the same. There are pre-recorded workouts on websites, apps and youtube channels where you watch, copy and do on your own. There are “live” sessions where the instructor is streaming live and you can see them but they cannot see you. There are group sessions where everyone logs in and the instructor can see you but depending on how big the instructor’s monitor is, how many people are in the class – determines how easy they can really see you and your form. What usually happens is you – the client doesn’t have immediate feedback from the trainer and therefore you are wondering, “Is this right?” It is challenging staying motivated and not knowing if you are doing it right. It isn’t fun doing a workout and thinking that you are doing it wrong. Please stop wondering and schedule a session with me. We can go through the pre-recorded workout or design one just for you where you know and feel that, “THIS IS RIGHT!”

Be Healthy – Be Happy

No Excuses!

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