let us try something new

A client gave me a huge bag of fresh garden grown lettuce – so thankful! I look at it and instantly think of all the different ways I can eat lettuce. Mind you – it is A LOT of lettuce.

I had lettuce wraps: Tofu strips dipped in peanut sauce, wrapped in lettuce.
I had lettuce tacos: Lettuce salsa and avocado, placed it in a corn tortilla.
I had kimchi rolled inside a lettuce.
I had hummus rolled inside lettuce.
I had an avocado rolled inside lettuce then dipped in siracha.

My new lettuce meal, lettuce sandwich. I sauteed carrots with red onions and placed a bunch of lettuce on Ezekiel toast with peanut sauce. This was by far the BEST use of lettuce I have had. Nothing beats a fat sandwich with dripping sauce and falling food parts. My lettuce sandwich had it all.

Try something new – try one of my lettuce recipes and get more lettuce into your life.

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