Here is the metaphor that I use quite a bit.

Life is like a boxing ring.

You get hit. You fall down. You get back up and you keep hitting.
You give it your all so that you have no regrets.
You fight from the heart so that you don’t lose to anger.
You become better from your mistakes.
You gain knowledge from your experiences.
You never stop training.
You are always practicing.
It takes two to learn.
You are never alone.

life is like a boxing ring

I have told many clients that when life is kicking your butt – there is no possible way I could, with good conscience give you a butt kicking workout. I understand the mindset, that you are frustrated, stressed, pissed off and therefore you want to get all your angst out in a workout. In theory it makes sense and sometimes that is a healthy choice. Most of the time I am working with people who aren’t sleeping well and hadn’t had any time to eat. In that case – there is no way you are going to stress out your body more by doing a killer workout.

Like the boxing ring – you need a corner man.

You need someone who can really take the time to understand you.
You need someone who can help reduce the stress.
You need someone who eases your pains.
You need someone whose talk makes you want to go back into the ring and be better.
You need someone.
Who is your someone?
Who is your corner man?

The photo is the iconic Rocky with his beloved trainer, Mickey that I often refer to and can hear him say, “Get up you son of a bitch, cause Mickey loves ya!”

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