I don’t like to spend a lot of time making healthy food. I accidentally forgot about my brussel sprouts while I was on the phone with Apple support – go figure. I washed the brussel sprouts, tossed them onto a pan, drizzled oil and shook some salt on them then threw them in the oven with the intention of pouring a nice mixture of soy sauce, curry powder and turmeric about half way. If you pour a sauce onto raw brussel sprouts it just bubbles off of them. You can sit at the stove and sauté them but that takes too long. You can cut them into halves but for me – that takes too long. Lastly – you can blanch them – meaning throw them into boiling water to get them to soften AND THEN saute or roast them but that is a “two step” process and I am a “one step” cook.
Here you have it – once the brussel sprouts are cooked they can absorb a ton of flavor. Make sure that when you take them out of the oven you quickly toss them into whatever sauce you want. The salt makes them like little sponges. Enjoy my mistake!

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