60 minutes of JUST YOU - $100
These sessions are catered to whatever it is you need to help you become healthier and happier. Blending personal training and life coaching with yoga teaching and nutritional guidance. Each session is personalized to what your body can handle and your mind can accept. You will leave with “homework” - exercises or actions that you can do to keep moving yourself forward with your goals.
Packages are available, 10 sessions $900 / 20 sessions $1700
Must be paid in full, all sessions are to be used within six months after purchase. Once package is purchased, no refunds are permitted and sessions are not transferable.
Are You Healthy and Fit LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer
30 minutes of JUST TRAINING - $50
This is for the person who wants to skip the chit chat and get right to sweating or stretching or correcting or learning a home routine that can be implemented on your own. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to make something happen.
No package rates for 30 minute sessions.
30 minutes of JUST COACHING - $50
This is for the person that needs accountability. You know what to do but you need to make sure you are doing it. We can discuss meal planning, workout schedule or talk about what works for you. These are quick conversations to keep you going in the right direction.
No package rates for 30 minute sessions.
60 minutes of JUST COACHING - $150
This is for the person that knows what to do but doesn’t understand any they aren’t doing it. Sound familiar? Let’s discuss - is there something holding you back? How can you move forward with your goals? What can you let go of that will aid in you feeling healthier and happier?