The photos you are seeing here are of a plant that I got at my grand opening back in 2010. I replanted it into a giant pot to give it a lot of room to grow. I thought to myself, “I cannot believe I have had this plant for so long!” Then I thought – I cannot believe my studio, LisaFit has been around for so long.
I had no idea when I started my studio that it would evolve into what it is today.

I started out as LisaFIT, Focused Intense Training. I did small group classes like BOSU, TRX, Spin, Yoga and outdoor bootcamps. My idea was to offer challenging workouts in a small group setting so that people could get the energy of group but the attention of personal.

Then I started doing a lot more one-on-one training. People came to me post physical therapy and needed specific training. I studied myofascial release, corrective exercise and restorative yoga. My studio was less “intense”.
Today, I have evolved into LisaFit, Be Healthy – Be Happy. I decided to change my tagline to promote more wellness and less fitness. I redid my website to make sure anyone who hires me knows that I train the body AND the mind. I studied life and health coaching to offer a complete holistic approach to transformation.

Do yourself a favor – give yourself a lot of room to grow. Don’t allow your definitions, labels, taglines, boundaries, walls or “pots” to limit you. Go for the largest pot you can find and take the time to grow –

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