I have a strict rule that there is no eating pass 7PM.  In my experience as a trainer I have had much success with weight change when people follow that rule. Many clients complain of less stomach issues and also sleep better.  I did not just make up that time.  I studied Chinese Medicine.  There is an organ clock where each organ is at its strongest for two hours and then exactly twelve hours later it is at its weakest.  The stomach is best between 7-9AM thus the reason why you should eat a good breakfast.  Guess when it is at its weakest?  Starting at 7P, the stomach basically shuts down then from 9P and on it starts to slowly fire back up.  This doesn’t mean you can eat at 9P. It means you recognize that everything needs a break from work.  Your stomach needs to rest, recoup and be ready for the next day to digest all that you put into it.  So the next time you make dinner reservations or plan a party, think about it.

Should you eat late?

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Should You Eat Late?

(Read tomorrow’s post as I pose the question, “What Do You Digest?”)

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