It is truly the simple things in life that keep us going. You can keep waiting and hoping for the big things to come to fruition but how is that working for you?

I go to bed every night feeling like something amazing is going to happen the next morning.

So far - I have not been disappointed! Something amazing always happens and it is always the simple things.

The sky opens up during my run like it knew I was running towards it.
I read a motivational post as if it were written for me.

My drive to work is a sunrise that chases me.
I hear a new song on the radio that I love that sings my story.

A client has an “a-ha” moment which brings tears to my eyes.
My workout makes me smile because I am so weak and I am humbled.
I meet a new person that touches my heart.

My workout makes me weep because I am so strong and I feel thankful.
The sun disappears so that the moon shines for my night walk.
My dog trots to the tune of the music that plays in my ears.
There are so many simple things that can make your day, your week, your month and your year.

Focus on the simple things.
So that the complex stuff doesn’t seem such a big deal.
New running socks for me - simple things that bring me so much pleasure ~ Top that!
What simple things bring you pleasure?

Simple Things

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