Take a walk

Dear COVID-19 POUNDS of extra love,

You served a purpose during a tough time. Now I need to let you go. Thank you for being there to support and comfort me. It is now time to move on.


Be gentle with yourself.

Try this:
Take a walk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Leave the bed unmade. Keep your phone away. Just get up and go.

Take a walk right after your last meal / dinner. Leave dishes on the table, pans on stove. Get up from the dining table put shoes on and head outside.

Start off walking for 10 minutes then each week add 5 more minutes if you want. It’s about consistency and doing it every day more than it is about how far or long you walked.

Give this a try and I promise you will chip away at your extra love, slowly but surely and most importantly permanently.

BONUS - you will establish a healthy habit that you can rely on for support and comfort.

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