The Emmy goes to...

In honor of the Emmy’s, I thought I would share with you, Emmy style - the best usage of home exercise equipment.
The Nominees for -
“Best Usage of Home Exercise Equipment”
* It holds all my dry cleaning.
* I use the timer on it when I cook.
* My grandkids play with the buttons.
* I put my ceramic bunny on it.
* I like to have it just in case I decide to exercise.
And the winner goes to...
I put my ceramic bunny on it.
Do you want to know what is the best piece of equipment you can get for your home?
I know people with dusty home gyms and spider webbed treadmills or an exercise ball in the corner wedged by two hand weights, never used.
Use your home exercise equipment! If you don’t know what to do - let me help. I can create a home routine to incorporate all your dusty webbed unused equipment.
Just DM me a photo of what you have and I will send you back a workout.
It is that easy!
be healthy - be happy
The Emmy Goes To

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