Time flies when you are having fun. Here is a cute photo of my youngest and oldest. It has been 10 years since I started LisaFit. My kids were 5, 7 and 9 when I started. They used to love wearing LisaFit shirts. My middle child used to say, “My mom is famous, she has a website.” Those were the days.

Fast forward, ten years later and I have to beg them to wear a LisaFit shirt for the annual calendar poster that I create for my studio for the last five years. I ask them to help me at the studio with cleaning or organizing and they ask, “Are you going to pay me?”

Ahhh - life with teenagers…

For me - it has taken ten years to be comfortable in my world. I now practice yoga and run in just a sports bra and shorts. I wear less make up, embracing the wrinkles and sun spots. My home is my favorite vacation spot and my studio is the best playground for me.

Everything changes and we all must evolve to what life brings.
The more we fight it - the more we suffer.
The more we accept it - the more peace we experience.

Here we are a decade later - LisaFit, my three kids and me.

Where are you? How much has changed?

Cheers to another ten years my friends!!!

Be Healthy - Be Happy

No Excuses!

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