The only way you are going to get me to stop harassing you is if you feel you are the best version of yourself possible. I will never bother you again if you are the pinnacle of health. I promise to bite my tongue if you are the prime example of wellness. I would love to pick your brain if you feel that there is absolutely nothing else you can do to be in better shape.

If this is you then unfollow me, unsubscribe to my newsletter and just ignore anything that I say. 

If this is NOT you then listen to me right now. Stop what you are doing and write this down:

It is the marginal things you do every single day that lead to your transformation, best self, happiest person, healthiest body..NO EXCUSES!

Now answer these questions:

What are you doing to  invest in your health EVERY SINGLE DAY? 

What stops you from making healthy choices?

What prevents you from being happy in your body?

Email your answers to me, and I promise to help you!
~ be healthy with your choices and happy in your body~ NO EXCUSES!

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