What I Did This Weekend

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Here I am, facial masking it while stalking companies who need a Corporate Wellness Advisor on LinkedIn. You can’t see but on the wall behind me is a google spreadsheet with multiple post its guiding me through a campaign that I am launching in a few days. I am almost done with a one month free wellness calendar and have designed a complete at home workout with just a mat and bands. That was my weekend and so far has been my life during our COVID shut down period. I feel like making my physical studio inoperable right now has challenged me to think outside the box or in my case, “the studio”.

It has allowed me to reach out and ask.

It has pretty much invited me to let go of my ego.

It has given me permission to try, fail and repeat.

The doors to LisaFit may be closed but the mind – the heart – the soul of LisaFit is WIDE OPEN!

That’s not to say, I am truly jealous of all your photos of beautiful nature outings, delicious homemade meals and super creative social gatherings. Keep posting them, I will live vicariously through you!

Be Healthy – Be Happy

No Excuses!

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