Savasana” (shah-VAHS-uh-nuh) - Shavasana - Corpse Pose, is a pose in most yoga classes, often used for relaxation at the end of a session, simply put.

This is how I guide someone into Savasana:
Pull yourself into a ball.
Tighten every inch of your body.
Curl your toes.
Flex your ankles.
Compress your knees.
Wrap arms around legs and hug tightly.
Tuck chin to chest,
Squeeze your eyes shut.
Clench your jaw.
Lift shoulders up to ears.
Take small sips of air.
Whenever you are ready –
Take a large inhale.
Let go as you exhale.
Float your limbs down to the ground.
Let everything rest.
Release – Surrender – Enjoy

My interpretation of Savasana is that it is the beginning of your practice even though it comes at the end of a yoga class. The entire class is just preparation: tiring out the body, gathering breath, emptying out the distractions. While in Savasana – that is when the real practice takes place.

All the stillness, calmness, peace, bliss that is cultivated on the mat that you are marinating in, in Savasana – can you hold onto that? Can you be okay with stillness? Once you leave the mat, how long can you maintain a state of Savasana? That is where the practice starts.

Practice Savasana – you don’t need to be at the end of class. Here are the simple steps.
Get on the ground.
Curl yourself into a little ball.
Squeeze everything tight.
Take deep breath in, hold.
As you exhale, let everything go.
Entire body rests on the floor.
You decide how long.
Practice Savasana!

what is savasana

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