Here is what I keep with me at the gym. I am never without filtered water – thanks to Zero Water, built in filter water bottles. I keep a Perform Better resistance band for corrective exercises – yes I too experience pain, a jump rope for instant cardio, Target wipes to keep dirt off my face, Burt’s Bees lip balm – love the peppermint one, my music, extra hair ties and a container of Altoids which is really holding my business cards. This little bag keeps me prepared for anything.

Like my bag, I am prepared for anything at the gym and in my studio. You can come to me with just about any issue and I can figure out a workout for you. I like to think that it’s basically me reaching into my bag of tricks. My studio is my other “bag of tricks”. I have TRX, BOSU, ActiveMotion Bars, Spin Bikes, Exercise Balls, Cables, Resistance Bands, Weights, Yoga Mats, Blocks, Straps, Foam Rollers, Trigger Points Balls and a Total Gym. Whatever you need, I am prepared for the person that wouldn’t normally step into a gym. I am ready for the client that needs motivation. I am here for the consumer that has tried every fitness trend. I put a lot of thought into my bag of tricks and hand pick everything that goes into my studio. It is a personal trainer’s dream to be able to create this space, a space where I can literally say to you, “You have NO EXCUSES!”


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