Let’s say I showed up at your front door right now, walked into your kitchen, opened up your refrigerator – What would I see?
Would you be proud? Would you be embarrassed at what I saw? Would you say something like, “Oh – I forgot I even had that?!?” Would you have a list of excuses? “Oh that’s for my kids lunches”, “That was leftover from a party I had”  or “it was a better deal to buy bulk…” the list goes on and on 
Let’s be honest, if your goal is to be healthier then your fridge is the most tangible place to start. Get your fridge to be healthy and I promise your fitness goals will come a lot easier. Once you align the things you want with the things you do, then it’s like magic – POOF, everything starts to fall into place. 
You have two choices right now-
1) You can clean out your fridge OR
2) I can clean out your fridge
Be honest with yourself. Are the things you want matching the things you do? If not, come find me and we can clean out your fridge together, that’s your third choice 🙂

be happy in your body and healthy with your choices

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