whats your excuse?

You cannot tell by the photo, but it is freezing cold in the parking structure / make-shift gym. The gym is packed because it’s the first break of dryness after a couple days of rain. It is past sunrise which is NOT my body’s optimum time to train AND – I am tired, hungry, cold, mentally exhausted and

I have a headache from drinking too much coffee.

What’s your excuse?
I have heard it all.
It is too early. It is too late.
It is too cold. It is too hot.
It is too busy. It is too boring.
I am so tired.
I am not motivated.
I am so stressed.
I am not feeling it.
I just don’t want to.

Those words are super powerful. They make sure that you DO NOT go exercise. They work every single time you say them. Isn’t that amazing? The words you say can have that much power over you.

I don’t care what your excuse is. I just want to hear your words. I want to hear you say -

Say it.
Sing it.
Chant it.
Scream it.
Own it.
Live it.
Do it.

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