It is the end of the year, beginning of the next. This is when people normally create New Year’s Resolutions.

If you want better, start now.
If you want to let go, start now.

There is something about completing a full 365 days of a calendar year that makes people antsy for change.

I am challenging everyone this new year with something different.
I want to know what you can maintain regardless of how 2021 turns out.

No matter what happens in 2021 you have something valuable to hold onto.
We have all endured change.
Many have been forced to let go.
There is much uncertainty in the world.

Let us take this coming year to keep some sort of sameness.
Focus on what you already have that creates happiness for you.
Fixate on what is already in your world that offers love and joy.
Rely on what you already own that brings comfort and safety. Take in all that you have cultivated that brings calmness and peace.

Start the New Year holding on and being the same.

New Year resolution

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