Whats Your Path?

Whats Your Path?

More than two decades ago I moved to San Diego.  The first gym I belonged to was Golds Gym in Pacific Beach.  I had heard from a friend who owned a Max Muscle in Irvine that Golds was the gym to join.  That gym ended up being my home away from home and ultimately changed the direction of my life.

Back in the day the gym was filled with bodybuilders and fitness competitors.  It was inspiring to train amongst the elite, the strong, the beautiful and the powerful.  There was a supplement store in the same building where a lot of people hung out after their workout talking to Eric, the guru of supplements.  A lot of times I didn’t even get pass the front desk.  I would end up talking to the owners, Rick and Brad.  I would bring food to the gym and sit in the lounge area while watching the latest bodybuilding show on VHS.

So today when I pulled into the parking lot, walked up the stairs and saw that everything was exactly the same – it was nostalgic.  I belonged to this gym during a time in my life that I had forgotten.  I had forgotten how young and naive I was.  Looking back and remembering the person I was 20 something years ago is challenging.  I was very judgmental.  I was critical of others.  I was easily jealous and quickly angered.  My world consisted of superficial people and toxic friends.  I lived in a different world than I do now because I was a different person.  Walking into this gym reminded me of how much I have grown and changed.  It made me thankful for the path that has lead me to today.

We all have roads that we took, some good and some bad.  We all have journeys that we are on with many unknown destinations.  I embrace reminiscing about my past and how I got to where I am today.  Finally, I don’t look back with regrets anymore.  I can’t change what I did or why I did it.  My path was definitely not traditional or conventional but it has made me the person I am.  I am now very compassionate and extremely empathetic because of the ground I have traveled.

What’s your path?

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