We have all said it, “I can’t wait until it’s normal again.” I agree – you CANNOT wait. You must make your normal the now. Do whatever you can to create a regimen. Adhere to some sort of consistency in your daily routine regardless if it is 10 minutes or 2 hours. Rely on yourself to feel normal.
At 4AM everything is exactly the same – my alarm goes off.
At 415AM the morning is the same. It is dark. It is quiet
At 430AM my run is the same, a loop around my neighborhood.
At 5AM I do core exercises while my kettle heats water.
At 515AM I meditate to the sounds of the ocean.
Today was especially “normal”. There were no campaign signs in yards just whimsical displays of holiday cheer. No political banners in windows, only beautiful twinkling lights. It was exactly what I needed and what we all need.
We need to feel normal no matter what and you cannot wait for it.
Where is your normal?
What can you do to feel normal?
Where is your normal?

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