I have been very fortunate to “run” into a different friend each day on my morning runs.  It’s been such a treat to run into a smiling face.  It’s been so wonderful to have the opportunity to set out on foot and know that someone is waiting to run with me.

I get up and run about 2 miles solo chilling and cruising to my playlist and new tunes.  Then another 3 miles with a partner both of us sweating and talking about life, breathing and sharing space on the road.  Finally the last mile alone I get to run as slow or as fast as I want all the way home.

I have never been more happy to get up and run.  Running to a friend for a chance to sweat, connect and zone has been such a blessing.  Thank you for running into me!

If you are on Carmel Mountain Road heading towards the dead end, Run Into Me!

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 37

Who Do You Run Into?

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