Workout Anyone?
Workout Anyone?1

Workout Anyone?

The past months have really challenged everyone’s wellness. For me, my exercise regimen plays a huge part in feeling well. I use to go to the gym at the same time everyday and see the same people. On weekends I would take the same hot yoga class and place my mat in the same corner. So when things shut down and places weren’t available to me I had to think quick and it was challenging to not do the same. It was hard to change my structured exercise regimen.
I have showed you my parking lot workouts. I also shared with you my early morning runs so that I don’t have to wear a mask. Here are my weekend workouts. I take Franky to dog beach at 6A Saturday and Sunday. It is pretty empty and spacious. He and I walk to about the end of dog beach where there is a long stretch of cliffs. We start at one end and sprint to the other end. At each end - Franky watches the water while I do handstand push ups against the cliffs.
The ocean air is naturally energizing. The sandy beach floor is challenging to sprint on. The cliffs angles are tricky to lean against upside down. It is an incredible workout and afterwards the ocean water is the best rinse off. Plus - look at my view!
We have all been challenged. The challenge can be an opportunity or it can be a struggle.
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