There are tons of instructors and trainers posting videos on “How To…”. You can learn pretty much anything you want via the internet. Thankfully that is not my line of business.

I rarely demonstrate.
I hardly ever show you.
I never let you just watch me.

Luckily for those that just want to “learn” there is YouTube for that S#!T. I have a YouTube channel, LisaFitNoExcuses and there are instructional videos for you to watch and learn.

BUT if you are so lucky to have me “live” on a virtual session or an in-person session, then you better prepare to DO THE WORK!

I want you to experience it.
I need to see your reactions.
I have to watch you carefully.
I must make necessary adjustments.

Youtube that sht

Most of the time it isn’t about you learning or me teaching.

It is about you –

My time with you will be more impactful if you experience it versus watching it.

Your session will be more valuable if you can feel something versus see something.

The space we create will be more intimate the more you communicate versus me telling you what to do or you telling me what you want me to do.

I want you to get the MOST out of our time together so trust me when I say - you need to do it!

If you want to sit back and watch –
YouTube that S#!T!

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